Efficiencies are part of any capital improvement program. Recovering energy from hot liquids is a cost-effective method of obtaining energy efficiency. With the rising energy costs and steadily decreasing budgets of today’s economy, companies are looking for every means possible to discover new cost-saving technologies.

Facilities that use large quantities of hot liquid will greatly benefit from HeatWave, as liquid heating is typically one of their greatest expenses. By recovering this unused source of energy from a hot liquid stream, HeatWave will reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, significantly driving down energy costs. Because HeatWave handles such high volumes of water, our product is intended to serve facilities and large-scale establishments with high volumes of hot liquids.

Return on investment will vary based on the volume of hot liquid used and the cost of installation. The ease of retrofitting our unit in existing facilities varies depending on attachment points and distance to the boiler. Conservative estimates developed for our product predict ROI’s of 1 to 2 years.

Installing HeatWave immediately down stream of high temperature waste streams will improve the unit’s efficiency. Many facilities use thousands of gallons of hot liquids per hour. One HeatWave unit is designed to maximize heat transfer using 225 gallons of hot liquid per hour. Our product’s versatility allows for multiple unit installations to match the waste stream’s volume. Curious to get an idea of just how much you can save annually using HeatWave? Just click on the link below to use our new and improved energy savings calculator!

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