In line with our goal of creating a product that maximizes energy efficiency and that reduce consumer costs, W2HTS developed a fresh water heat exchanger called HeatWave. It is a patented, renewable energy product that transfers heat from a hot liquid source to potable water; virtually eliminating wasted energy while saving lump sums of money fast!

Using our state-of-the-art design, we have developed a way to safely capture and reuse the heat that our product exchanges from various hot liquids to fresh water. By reducing energy consumption rates by up to 60%, we deliver energy savings that can provide a 12-24 month return on investment in any large-scale setting– commercial, institutional, industrial.

What makes HeatWave different?

Though heat exchangers have existed in the past, HeatWave takes safety one step further by eliminating any risk of cross contamination between waste and potable water pipes. By adding an additional layer of protection that no other company has delivered, we can ensure that you’ll have clean, ready-to-use hot water. We accomplished this by surpassing the national plumbing standard, which requires a double walled vent-to-atmosphere design between the waste and fresh water streams. Using a copper waste water pipe with a patented aluminum extrusion that efficiently conducts thermal energy into an all-copper potable water system, HeatWave has a triple wall design that separates fresh and wastewater vents, making it the safest product in the industry. HeatWave was developed using standard plumbing parts and materials, allowing for easy reconfiguration and flexible installation. HeatWave is designed to maximize heat transfer, as it operates using 225 gallons of water per hour. At this rate, it can process up to 1.7 million gallons of water annually. To handle larger volumes of water, additional units can be attached in a series in order to to match your waste stream needs.